Saturday, 6 December 2008


Why are banks (and credit unions) so mean?

These days we are required to have a bank account to put our wages or pension in, so banks think they can get away with paying us under 1% interest and charge fees on top!

My credit union has told me that I will have to find a Rediteller ( a brand of ATM) in future to avoid paying another fee.

Being disabled, and on an island, I have to find any ATM I can. The best ATM is at the IGA where I can actually reach and see what I am doing, unlike the one at the RSL where I have to raise my self off my chair, memorise the instruction, and sit down again to press the buttons.

I will have to find out which, if either of them, is a rediteller.

Stay tuned.

Monday, 24 November 2008

Almost a year old

Next month will be the first anniversary of this blog. It has been a whole year since Ganeida convinced me to start one.

As you may have noticed I'm not a regular or good blogger. I put this down to a dislike of small talk and a reticence to air my thoughts until I've thought them through.

I have wonderful thoughts in my head, LOL, but lose them as soon as I sit down to write.

I think part of the problem is self-censorship having watched "Rope" once too often.

Rope is an Alfred Hitchcock movie about 2 young men who kill another man after absorbing a professors teaching on philosophy.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Catch up 2

Ganeida wanted to know what I have been reading. I am interested in End Times theology consequently am following a blog called fulfilled as its got a good lot of links to European Union watching sites and news blogs.

Am also interested in pro-life blogs after the Greens and Nitschke have been trying to introduce anti-life legislation into australian politics.

Apparently Victorian doctors can't refuse to refer a woman to an abortion providing doctor even if they oppose abortion themselves.

This will probably drive all the true christian doctors out of the profession or out of Victoria.

The american voters have passed a bill allowing Death on Demand in Washington state also requiring doctors to give patients a referral to a doctor who will kill them if they want it.

The End must surely be close!

Friday, 24 October 2008

Catching up

At long last have found new prepaid card. It's First outing was a little hairy, due to under estimating foreign currency charges and exchange rate. But that was easily fixed.

it seems many countries are discussing giving plants and animals "rights". It reminds me of an episode of "The Goodies" where they pointed out that if you go too far we could all starve.

These rights are based on the evolutionary premise that we are all animals so anything goes.

Right to diers are trying to turn Washington State into Oregon. "Soylent Green " here we come.

The world is going to "hell in a handbasket".
I think Fulfilled may be right. The End maybe near. Even so, Come Lord Jesus.

Now you know how this blog got it's name. lol.

I am overtired but I have to blog when I can.

Thursday, 24 July 2008

More Credit woes

Have just heard from the company that now administers my prepaid credit card. It seems the company who owned the scheme was related to another company who has gone down the drain taking my card with it. Apparently the credit card company didn't own the scheme but licensed the idea and processed the transactions on behalf of the company.

It now looks like I wont be getting a new card, and unfortunately I followed the instructions of the company and destroyed the old card before getting the new one. My only excuse is I was so upset by the whole thing I just wasn't thinking straight.

If I can't find some way to retrieve my card number I may be unable to get my money back. At least its only a small amount.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Still Waiting

Am still waiting for new prepaid credit card. They said they would send me a new one so I have been patiently waiting. It does have to come from Melbourne so I expected it to take a while. Will wait another week before contacting company in case its in the mail.

Since I can't spend money on the net, I have been reading more blogs.

Have discovered that the whole world seems to have gone mad on screwing up the welfare sector/state. I thought it was bad enough in Oz, but in the US its truly frightening and the infection is apparently spreading to Israel and the UK, apparently parts of Europe are already infected. The left leaning blogs see it as an attempt to lower wages for everyone, while of course the right try to justify it on the basis of economics(pensions are too expensive so people should take any job they can get and be grateful (if they don't starve first)) and social justice!

As an interested party I am not even going to pretend neutrality. I tried working, between being in Hospital when my health broke down too far, and am extremely grateful to have got back on the pension before the Government made all those who have applied for the pension, in the last few years, go on the Dole (a cut of $100 a week) if they can't find work(any work!) for15 hours a week.

I am not complaining about my life but I feel desperately sorry for the disabled people who will be made to rely on family and friends, wiping out any attempt at independence, as studying is not an option on the dole (you have to look for work only).

I hope that by the time they decide to stiffen the requirements further I will be on the Old Age Pension( if it still exists) or the euthanasia supporters will have got their bill through and Mum and I will be put down as "useless eaters" lol. (Actually I am hoping the Lord will come, or take us home, before this happens)

Monday, 7 July 2008

Credit woes

An attempt has been made to use my prepaid credit card.

I went to the web site to check my balance and discovered an unauthorised transaction had been declined for lack of funds. After having a mild nervous breakdown I rang the card issuer and they connected me to their fraud section.

It appears that an employee of a company I have dealt with on the internet has tried to use my card details to buy $800+ worth of goods from another company.

It's not actually a credit card as such and I don't keep a lot of money on it, so the transaction was declined and no money actually left my account, but it sure gave me a fright.

Unfortunately, the company has decided to issue me with another card so I won't be able to use my account until I activate the new card (which could be a while as it has to come from Melbourne-the state with the slooowest postal service in the country).

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Fright Night

Had an unnerving experience last night. After being in bed for a while waiting to warm up, decided I needed a Hot Water Bottle, So got out of bed and tried to wake Sis to ask where I could find one, the HWB being in her possession last time I saw it (we only have two at the moment).

Didn't succeed , Sis being a sound sleeper, but found HWB in hall cupboard. Left light on in hall and went to kitchen to fill HWB. As I boiled the jug Mum woke and asked if I would get her an aspirin. As I filled the tumbler with water after putting in the tablet, I heard the screen door open. Assumed it was His Lordship wanting to come in from the cold. I should explain that the last time Sis rehung the screen door she put it on backwards, so we haven't been able to lock it. This doesn't worry us as we are in a quiet backstreet with few visitors. As I passed the lounge I noticed His Lordship asleep on it. Just then there was a knock. Now I am not opening the door at a quarter to eleven at night without good reason. I turned the kitchen light off and waited for the person to identify themselves but they only knocked again, alarming Mum.

Thinking that I couldn't talk through the glass door(we have patio doors instead of real ones, blame the previous owners), and they had opened the screen already, I turned the hall light off and asked Mum to be quiet. I heard a man's voice say he thought he'd seen a light, but after they apparently replaced the screen we heard no more. Mum woke Sis, who was full of curiosity, but they were nowhere to be seen. Went back to kitchen in dark (it was a bright moonlit night) and gave Mum her aspirin. Prayed protection over the house and tried to sleep but couldn't sleep for sometime after.

Sunday, 6 April 2008


Since joining Goodreads I have reread some of my favourite books and have just bought myself a new copy of "How To Read A Book". If you think you know how to read, check this book out, It may change your mind. Actually I was surprised how much I had forgotten about reading until I reread this book.

Friday, 21 March 2008


Have been quiet on this blog, but nothing much happens around here, honestly.

Nothing I want to talk about anyway!

Have joined a new site called Goodreads. It's a bookreaders social networking site.
Apparently I can invite friends to join by giving them this link.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Better late than never

I didn't realise it's been two weeks since my last post. Time does fly. I have been threatened with dire consequences if I say how lovely it was to have a weekend without "piano practice" while Sis and Ganeida were away camping, but I will anyway. I think the piano is the worst instrument in existence, I even prefer plastic recorders. I have suggested that Ditz brings her flute or violin in- stead, but that only worked once. Maybe earplugs will help.

Our cricketers beat the Indians again, tho neither side got a big score.

Played darts last wednesday. Barneveld I am not. Think the wheelchair is a trifle low for the job, but it was fun.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008


Putting Ditz's dotty painting on my desktop reminded me of my hunt for my previous theme.

I was hunting for an andy warhol theme as I am hoping to see the exhibition at the cultural centres art gallery (if Sis an Ganeida make it back after camping. lol)

The warhol theme reminded me of a painting I had always liked but didn't know the name of. After describing the painting in google discovered it is called "American Gothic" and was painted in the 1930's.

Have found a theme of it and, until I put Ditz's picture up, was alternating it with the warhol theme. I get bored after a week or two and change the theme.

Sunday, 3 February 2008


Having pulled myself together due to the win in the 20/20, I decided to write again. The only interesting happening lately is seeing an insect that looks exactly like a live leaf. I thought it was a leaf at first as we had a stiff wind blowing, but his Lordship was too interested for it to be just a leaf, so took another look. It was remarkable how like a leaf it looked. The body was the colour of a live green leaf and even the legs were painted a twiggy colour. It was on the front door mat, and the coirlike texture helped the leaflike illusion. I couldn't get Sis's camera phone to turn on, so had to wait for it to charge. Sis being the arty one the picture will be on her blog when she has painted it.

Sunday, 20 January 2008

cricket loss

Am in mourning. Yesterday the Oz cricket team were beaten by India. Ok, I know we lead the series 2-1, but a loss is a loss. And they were on target for their 17th straight win too. I will just have to watch the "Yes Minster" dvd set I got for Chrissie and wait for the next game on thursday. Hopefully it was just a setback and we can take the Series out. Here's hoping.

Sunday, 6 January 2008


Added blogspot blogs to my yahoo page. Easiest way to keep up with my favourite blogs. Then discovered Creation On The Web has a rss feed, so added it too. Bad move! They had a couple of articles on C.S.Lewis, so everything stopped while I read them. Don't like his novels, but find his non-fiction interesting. Same with Dorothy L. Sayers. Strangely, books I enjoy I usually don't like as films or on T.V. but books I don't like I sometimes find make good viewing.

Friday, 4 January 2008

Another Dead Jug

Jug we were given has died. Suddenly and without warning. Starting to think it might be the powerboard actually. Will have to wait for next shopping trip, today week. Until then its back to the microwave :(

Thursday, 3 January 2008


Rain, rain and more rain. His lordship and I are sick of rain. He has a litterbox, but I try to discourage its use, except in emergencies,as I hate cleaning it out. I am the only one with a strong enough stomach to do it. Unfortunately, He had to go use it, so I have to clean it before Mum sees it, or I might have another mess to cleanup. lol

Ganeida(see link) came over to pick up the book I got for her.

The power was out in our street for two hours. No coffee for 4 whole hours! Guess I'm an addict. I was on the Internet and about to boil the jug when the power died. Rang Energex(electric company). It was apparently confined to just our street. They said it would probably take 4 hours to fix, but it actually only took two. Rang friends other end of island. Yep, they had power. Could have read by torchlight, but decided to just go take a nap until the power came back on.