Sunday, 25 May 2008

Fright Night

Had an unnerving experience last night. After being in bed for a while waiting to warm up, decided I needed a Hot Water Bottle, So got out of bed and tried to wake Sis to ask where I could find one, the HWB being in her possession last time I saw it (we only have two at the moment).

Didn't succeed , Sis being a sound sleeper, but found HWB in hall cupboard. Left light on in hall and went to kitchen to fill HWB. As I boiled the jug Mum woke and asked if I would get her an aspirin. As I filled the tumbler with water after putting in the tablet, I heard the screen door open. Assumed it was His Lordship wanting to come in from the cold. I should explain that the last time Sis rehung the screen door she put it on backwards, so we haven't been able to lock it. This doesn't worry us as we are in a quiet backstreet with few visitors. As I passed the lounge I noticed His Lordship asleep on it. Just then there was a knock. Now I am not opening the door at a quarter to eleven at night without good reason. I turned the kitchen light off and waited for the person to identify themselves but they only knocked again, alarming Mum.

Thinking that I couldn't talk through the glass door(we have patio doors instead of real ones, blame the previous owners), and they had opened the screen already, I turned the hall light off and asked Mum to be quiet. I heard a man's voice say he thought he'd seen a light, but after they apparently replaced the screen we heard no more. Mum woke Sis, who was full of curiosity, but they were nowhere to be seen. Went back to kitchen in dark (it was a bright moonlit night) and gave Mum her aspirin. Prayed protection over the house and tried to sleep but couldn't sleep for sometime after.