Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Better late than never

I didn't realise it's been two weeks since my last post. Time does fly. I have been threatened with dire consequences if I say how lovely it was to have a weekend without "piano practice" while Sis and Ganeida were away camping, but I will anyway. I think the piano is the worst instrument in existence, I even prefer plastic recorders. I have suggested that Ditz brings her flute or violin in- stead, but that only worked once. Maybe earplugs will help.

Our cricketers beat the Indians again, tho neither side got a big score.

Played darts last wednesday. Barneveld I am not. Think the wheelchair is a trifle low for the job, but it was fun.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008


Putting Ditz's dotty painting on my desktop reminded me of my hunt for my previous theme.

I was hunting for an andy warhol theme as I am hoping to see the exhibition at the cultural centres art gallery (if Sis an Ganeida make it back after camping. lol)

The warhol theme reminded me of a painting I had always liked but didn't know the name of. After describing the painting in google discovered it is called "American Gothic" and was painted in the 1930's.

Have found a theme of it and, until I put Ditz's picture up, was alternating it with the warhol theme. I get bored after a week or two and change the theme.

Sunday, 3 February 2008


Having pulled myself together due to the win in the 20/20, I decided to write again. The only interesting happening lately is seeing an insect that looks exactly like a live leaf. I thought it was a leaf at first as we had a stiff wind blowing, but his Lordship was too interested for it to be just a leaf, so took another look. It was remarkable how like a leaf it looked. The body was the colour of a live green leaf and even the legs were painted a twiggy colour. It was on the front door mat, and the coirlike texture helped the leaflike illusion. I couldn't get Sis's camera phone to turn on, so had to wait for it to charge. Sis being the arty one the picture will be on her blog when she has painted it.