Thursday, 24 July 2008

More Credit woes

Have just heard from the company that now administers my prepaid credit card. It seems the company who owned the scheme was related to another company who has gone down the drain taking my card with it. Apparently the credit card company didn't own the scheme but licensed the idea and processed the transactions on behalf of the company.

It now looks like I wont be getting a new card, and unfortunately I followed the instructions of the company and destroyed the old card before getting the new one. My only excuse is I was so upset by the whole thing I just wasn't thinking straight.

If I can't find some way to retrieve my card number I may be unable to get my money back. At least its only a small amount.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Still Waiting

Am still waiting for new prepaid credit card. They said they would send me a new one so I have been patiently waiting. It does have to come from Melbourne so I expected it to take a while. Will wait another week before contacting company in case its in the mail.

Since I can't spend money on the net, I have been reading more blogs.

Have discovered that the whole world seems to have gone mad on screwing up the welfare sector/state. I thought it was bad enough in Oz, but in the US its truly frightening and the infection is apparently spreading to Israel and the UK, apparently parts of Europe are already infected. The left leaning blogs see it as an attempt to lower wages for everyone, while of course the right try to justify it on the basis of economics(pensions are too expensive so people should take any job they can get and be grateful (if they don't starve first)) and social justice!

As an interested party I am not even going to pretend neutrality. I tried working, between being in Hospital when my health broke down too far, and am extremely grateful to have got back on the pension before the Government made all those who have applied for the pension, in the last few years, go on the Dole (a cut of $100 a week) if they can't find work(any work!) for15 hours a week.

I am not complaining about my life but I feel desperately sorry for the disabled people who will be made to rely on family and friends, wiping out any attempt at independence, as studying is not an option on the dole (you have to look for work only).

I hope that by the time they decide to stiffen the requirements further I will be on the Old Age Pension( if it still exists) or the euthanasia supporters will have got their bill through and Mum and I will be put down as "useless eaters" lol. (Actually I am hoping the Lord will come, or take us home, before this happens)

Monday, 7 July 2008

Credit woes

An attempt has been made to use my prepaid credit card.

I went to the web site to check my balance and discovered an unauthorised transaction had been declined for lack of funds. After having a mild nervous breakdown I rang the card issuer and they connected me to their fraud section.

It appears that an employee of a company I have dealt with on the internet has tried to use my card details to buy $800+ worth of goods from another company.

It's not actually a credit card as such and I don't keep a lot of money on it, so the transaction was declined and no money actually left my account, but it sure gave me a fright.

Unfortunately, the company has decided to issue me with another card so I won't be able to use my account until I activate the new card (which could be a while as it has to come from Melbourne-the state with the slooowest postal service in the country).