Monday, 23 March 2009

online again

I am finally back up and running after crashing my system by getting so carried away with my win2000 install that I surfed the net with no firewall only antivirus software on.

A trojan generator got through and trashed my system so badly I had to reinstall. And then I found that 2000 wont load if it doesn't like your system so had to change bits and pieces to find out what it was objecting to. Had to reinstall w98 to get back on the net to find out why 2000 was playing up.

After trial and error, and surfing forums, found out it was dirty ram that was the trouble. W2000 likes a clean system. All this took the better part of two weeks, during which time I was only on the net long enough to download needed software, as I hadn't performed a proper backup on to CDs, just moved my files onto the w98 partition while I installed 2000. agh

Have discovered there is no rediteller on the island so will have to ATM as little as possible.

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